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See our (Kerstvakantie)Christmas Holiday -schedule special from Dec 24th to jan 4th - join and celebratie the last month or the year with us, with some powerful Hot Yoga! A month full Great experiences, full of bliss! Hyo family love visit us Also on our website - #adecembertoremember #lastdaysoftheyear #hotyoga #bikramyoga #practice # #Kundalini #startstrong #awareness #joy #love #yogalates #hotyogaoudenaarde #hyo today i'll practice. Are you in for a double class? Jan tonight with a 6:30 8:30 bikram class. Or you wanna practice both? You go for it! We're happy to see you soon. @ hyo #hotyogaoudenaarde uitzonderlijk today.30pm class cancelled.!Come and join.30 pm classs. Thanks for your understanding. hyo team - another motivating story. A wonderful lady and inspiring human being has accomplished her Hot Yoga Challenge and today we celebrate it! Keep on practicing, creme sharing and caring go go goooo yoginis you got this!

yoga oudenaarde

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Thank you for your understanding namaste hyo today 10am Class Cancelled. Sunday 10/12 Schedule reminds pendant to upcoming changes. Please keep yourself posted with. If you have any questions we are here to hear about. students on starters week 10 days we extend card for an extra day) - due our. Leny has been struggling with her pregnancy and health we've been forced to adjust to the possibilities we have, to offer you all best service you deserve. Thank you for your understanding! Namasté hyo make iecember to remember -upcoming changes note for December schedule : wednesday dec. 20th bikram Class 7pm saturday dec. 23th Yogalates 10am thursday dec. 28th Yin Yang Class 6:30pm ( *we open and close the Studio 30 minutes before and after class ) December Schedule re-check, save and share!

yoga oudenaarde

yoga see you soon! Janartheni sivarajah we are proud to announce an upcomming special class with our guest teacher Yasmina Chorfi. Yasmina will guide you through the Asthanga primary serie. Join Yasmina's Hot Ashtanga class upcomming monday 18th December at 20u30! Monday programma: bikram Yoga 18u30 Asthanga yoga 20u30 Tonight have a break and join us @ Hot Yoga oudenaarde 18u30 bikram Yoga 20u30 Yin Yan Yoga see you @ the hot room :d due to the weather conditions of today, we prefer to keep you. Today classes are cancelled we will keep you posted for the upcoming days. Hoping it gets better and safe on the roadie for all of us!

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The studio open the doors at 18u for those who want to join diana to a 20 min. 18u30 Yin Yang Session ending the class with Nidra yoga see you soon! Today's tip: be fast and save your spot namaste everyone, we wish you a merry Xmas a wonderful 2018! Let the joy fill your hearts let the love be your Present let the faith Gide your way lets cream keep hals the joy cheer all year long! love, peace, happiness, yoga. Hyo sisters hyo team may light of love illuminate your way this year filled your Home warmth your hearts on this Holidays and 2018! We wish you a merry Christmas happy new year! your hyo family today hot Yoga Schedule. Bikram 6:30pm with. Kelly Elizalde Ashtanga 8:30pm with guest. Yasmina Chorfi let us keep you warm!

yoga oudenaarde

Go out of the holiday mood and lets sweat it sparkle it and enjoy it all together! Discover the magic on a fresh start weve prepared for you to embrace the new year at our Hot Yoga oudenaarde indoor studio. january schedule also online at : Once again, a happy, healthy hot 2018 Namaste, hyo teachers family team Lets get it started! Come and join us on the first class of the year. Hot yin yang 7pm with. Diana Elizalde Are u ready for a fabuloushotastic 2018? Next week starts regular schedule form. 2 classes a day during week. Once again, a happy, healthy hot 2018 Namaste, hyo team Yogalates, last class of the year checked :d to all our lovely yogis and yoginis, we wish you a happy new year 2018. Upcoming class on thursday 04 januari, yin Yan Yoga with. Join us today to the last Yin Yang Yoga session of the year.

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New yoga huidzorg wear# mat specifically designed for hot yoga#hot yoga mat towel#enjoy hot yoga and find out more about your yogawear @ hyo join us today! Yogalates @ 10 am see you soon! Make time for your yoga. Today @ hyo bikram Yoga 18u30 bikram Yoga 20u30 Experience the magic! Ohhhh boy its almost Valentine day. Let us be your best mate this loving month! We are so happy to see you around. Come to practice with our caring yoga teachers team: Ashtanga yoga - katherine walker bikram Yoga - kelly Elizalde jan bauwens Kundalini yoga - janartheni sivarajah Yin yang yoga - diana Elizalde yogalates - diana Elizalde join us February schedule is also online at hello. Are u ready for a fabuloushotastic 2018? Take out your Yogi spirit. yoga oudenaarde

love joy namaste happy birthday dear teacher diana Elizalde. Love joy namaste What Oscar Wilde mean to say was. With Yoga, who could not be happy? welcome to hot Yoga oudenaarde march 2018 - let the journey begin! Note: - saturday 03/03 no class - monday 05/03 one class only ashtanga 8:35 pm All over Monday schedule Ashtanga Class late evening class starts at 8:35 pm looking forward to see you on your mat! hot hyo - team good morning!, today kundalini session @ Hot Yoga oudenaarde. Give yourself love, stay strong practice hot yoga! 18u30 bikram Yoga 20u30 bikram Yoga we know all about it! When taking a hot yoga class breathability is key and less is more. Everything should be dry-fit or quick-dry because youre going to sweata lot.

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Janaa ( *10 fee join us! We are happy to see you around! Enjoy your holiday time practice practice practice. Namaste, get a better understanding on your bikram practice alignment and join our new event! Alignment Workshop with Amrei. Mark it on your agenda 05/05 starts at 16u00. Be fast, limited spaces! Full house at hyo oudenaarde hyo - nothing more then Gratitude with you all! Sweet sweaty dreams #hyoteachersteam #namaste -#fullhousehyo #hyo #hotyogaoudenaarde #love #thankyou #hyogis. Happy sweaty birthday dear teacher Kelly Elizalde. In the name of the hyogis community.

yoga oudenaarde

Humans Fall, yogis always Come back. Take a friend, make new ties. Friends forever, yoga forever. Bikram Yoga tonight 7pm. No excuses, holidays and we are open. happy ronde van Vlanderen! Happy hot Yogis, dear hyogis, As every last year weve decided to close the studio on the big Ronde van Vlanderen day. Due theres to many people in town, big buses, and all over bit of caos in the streets. Very difficult to reach at the hyo studio. So notice this Sunday april 1st its Pasen Zondag ronde van Vlanderen. No class, april schedule starts from Monday, with one class a day- easter Holiday —- *reserve your spot now for our. Aryuvedic presentation workshop, with.

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Hey hey yogis, back to regular schedule. Let's all breath more and more and more. Monday, bikram Yoga.30pm ashtanga vinyasa.35pm. New students schedule is always available. Pleaseee ask at the desk. or send us a message if you recognise your friend tagg down here so she found her beautiful earring! Love lots of Namastesness, hYO friends, bikram yoga tonight.30pm. For every(body yoga for young, not that young, tall and and so tall, slim, skinny, curvy and very curvy. Just show up and do your best. teacher diana will be happy to help you come back up tonight Yin Yang.30pm.

Yoga oudenaarde
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Op de gestrande trein zaten 38 reizigers. 27 van hen werden met een bus naar het station van Oudenaarde overgebracht. Meld u hier gratis aan!

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Rodrigo rivas (Fotógrafo y redactor en medios fotográficos).

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Minube fue uno de esos lugares que, como viajero y fotógrafo, me devolvió un pequeño amor a primera vista. Reconozco que siempre fui muy escéptico a las webs de viajes que recomiendan lugares culturales, turísticos, etc. Quizá sea porque al ser un fotógrafo documental tiendo a buscar lugares no tan "visitados" o "conocidos pero el hecho de que muchos usuarios comenzaran a compartir sus lugares propios dentro de la web, me hizo ver que minube era un lugar muy personalizable, súper. En definitiva, y como comenté al principio, el gran aliciente de minube es su comunidad. Eso hace que te des cuenta que no es una web que quiere venderte algo sin más y que puede ayudarte en todas las partes de tu viaje (gastronomía, restaurantes, lugares de interés, lugares más apartados, transporte, donde dormir.) seas el tipo de viajero que.

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Nieuwe gegevens hebben het bekende slaapmedicijn Zolpidem in een compleet ander daglicht gezet. Sommige gebruikers ontwikkelen zeer bizarre gewoonten na gebruik. Er is zelfs een geval bekend van.

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